S/MIME Certificates

Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME) certificates are usually referred to as email signing certificates or personal authentication certificates.

Our S/MIME certificates are supported by all major mail applications including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Apple Mail, popular mobile operating systems, and more.

  • Authentication Verification of the identity of a computer user or a website.
  • Message integrity Assurance that all the contents and data present in the message are not tampered with. The confidentiality of the message is critical. The decryption process involves verifying the original contents of the message and ensuring that they have not changed.
  • Data privacy No unintended third party can cause a data breach.
  • Data security with encryption Combination of public and private keys representing asymmetric cryptography ensures data security.

S/MIME benefit your business

Sign message on Outlook
  • Business Reputation S/MIME certificate protects business reputation by ensuring that the e-mail transmitted from official e-mail address. With this certificate, there are no chance of e-mail tampering and establishes a trust between a business and users.
  • Minimizing business risk S/MIME certificate ensures an additional security layer of sender identity verification to combat e-mail phishing techniques. Message integrity is a crucial feature of e-mail encryption techniques, and it helps eliminate hackers who would want to intercept and tamper with your critical communications.
  • Preventing identity theft Even if these hackers break the encryption, the entire content needs to be checked and matched for successful decryption, and the slightest change will trigger a warning message. Therefore, the S/MIME certificates will help your business conduct communication effectively and without worry.

We provide wide range S/MIME products from following vendors

DigiCert Sectigo Certum

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