SSL/TLS Certificates

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Transport Layer Security (TLS) or digital certificates are foundation of safe and secure internet. It's secure internet connection by encrypting data to and from server ensure data transmitted without modification and privately.

TLS is successor technology of SSL which may applies to many application including web server, mail server, database server, application server, etc. All major server applications support TLS for more secure communication.

Why do servers need SSL/TLS certificates?

SSL/TLS certificates are standard of all major server applications to ensure safer internet comminication. Because of SSL/TLS encrypt and protect private information transfer to and from servers gain more user trust.

SSL/TLS are both identity pretection measure for online brands and security measure for companies transmitting online data.

We provide wide range SSL/TLS products from following vendors

DigiCert Sectigo GlobalSign Certum RapidSSL AlphaSSL Thawte GeoTrust

Domain Validated

Domain Validated (DV) certificate is the fastest and easiest certificate for enabling encryption DV SSL is reliable way to add standard encryption to server.

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Organization Validated

Organization Validated (OV) certificate provide additional checks to organization's digital identity ensure identity and brand protection.

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Extended Validation

Extended Validation (EV) certificate provide highest standard of identity and brand protection. Display Organization name in the Certificate.

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Wildcard Certificates

Wildcard certificate is a certificate allows the certificate to secure multiple sub-domain names pertaining to the same base domain.

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Multi-domain Certificates

Multi-domain Validated certificate allow the certificate to secure multiple domain name.

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