1 Year
64,050 THB
RRP $1,999.00
2 Year
112,070 THB
RRP $3,595.00

Certificate Features

  • Validation : Business
  • Issuerance time : 2-5 days
  • Warrant : $500,000 USD
  • Key length : 2,048 bits
  • Browser compatibility : 99.9%
  • Mobile support : Yes
  • Free site seal : Yes
  • Reissue : Free
  • Wildcard : Secure all sub-domains
  • Greenbar : No
  • ECC : No
  • Seal in Search : Yes
  • Vulnerability Assessment : No
  • Malware Scan : Yes
  • SANs/Multi-domain support : No
  • SANs included : None
  • Server license : 1
2,048 bits key length
Industry standard encryption key length.
Business validation
This certificate requires more paperwork. You need to validate by email as well as supplying company documentation for authentication.
Trusted SSL Site Seal
Free site seal
99.9% browser compatibility
Browser and devices compatibility is the most important part of SSL usage.
$500,000 USD worth warranty
Claim $500,000 USD on failure properly validate the information contained in a digital certificate and that failure causes the end-user to lose money.
Seal in Search
Display seal in search result.
Malware Scan
The daily website malware scanning service scans the website code located at the hostname used in the SSL certificate, including javascript and iframes. The service completes a static analysis of website code as well as behavioral analysis through a browser simulation to find code that may be activated by display of a page. The service does not scan every web page on your website, but reviews an optimal number of pages to identify malicious activity. It does not scan your network or search for malware on internal desktop computers or scan attachments or internal web pages that require sign-in. If malware is discovered, you receive an email alert warning you of the malware infection with instructions to access the scan results. The list of infected pages and the code causing the problem. You or your website administrator can find and delete all instances of the malware and request that your site be rescanned within 24 hours.
Secure unlimit sub-domains
Secure www.domain.com, abc.domain.com, subs.domain.com, etc with this certificate.